May has come and gone and now we’re better than halfway through June.  The year is moving by quickly!

The Grafton Firm would like to extend a congratulations to all of our clients receiving their discharges this month.  Thank you for trusting us to help you achieve the Fresh Start you deserve.  May was a banner month for our clients receiving discharges and June looks to be shaping up equally well.  To all of our clients who received their discharges:  Remember, check your credit reports in a couple of months and give us a call if you want a free evaluation of your Post-Discharge Credit Report.  We will review your credit report at no cost to you and let you know if any of your creditors have failed to accurately reflect your post-discharge accounts.  If you suspect there are errors in your credit report after your discharge, don’t wait to call us.  The Baltimore Bankruptcy Attorneys at the Grafton Firm are ready to help.

As a Baltimore Bankruptcy Attorney, I get calls every day from people overwhelmed with debt, people like you who just need a way out.  Many of our clients got their discharge this month and last, your discharge may be only a few months away.  For those of you in the Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County or Howard County areas who know you need help, don’t wait too long to reach out to us.  Let us help you get to your Fresh Start.  As I frequently tell people in my office, there are sometimes good reasons to wait to file for bankruptcy, but there aren’t too many good reasons to wait to seek the advice of a competent professional.  What you don’t know could be hurting you.  Come and talk with a Baltimore Bankruptcy Attorney and find out now.  Your fresh start is waiting.  Come see us today.