If you were a victim of the professional abuse inflicted by Dr. Levy, the claims process is picking up steam. Individual claims have been assigned to damage tiers and settlements can now be accepted.  The question remains: how do these Dr. Levy Settlements and Bankruptcy interact?  This is determined by where you are in the Bankruptcy Process.  Is your case closed?  Is it still pending?  Are you preparing to file?  Or simply considering it?

Dr. Levy Settlements and Bankruptcy:  Your Bankruptcy Case is Closed

Your responsibilities here are highly dependent on when you saw Dr. Levy and when you filed bankruptcy.  If you filed for bankruptcy before you saw Dr. Levy then you’re in the clear.  Nothing needs to be done.  The same is true if you saw Dr. Levy while your case was pending.  The problems arise if your bankruptcy case was filed AFTER your claim against Dr. Levy and Johns Hopkins arose, even if you didn’t know it at the time.  In this case, you should re-open your bankruptcy, amend your schedules to include the claim and properly exempt the claim from the case.  If you’ve already listed your pending or possible claim against Johns Hopkins and Dr. Levy, you are set. If not, call your attorney for help in re-opening your case.

Dr. Levy Settlements and Bankruptcy:  Your Bankruptcy Case is Open and Pending

If your bankruptcy case is open and pending, this is a no-brainer.  If you did not previously list your potential settlement with the estate of Dr. Levy and Johns Hopkins, contact your attorney and get this added now.  It can be added and exempted likely with little to no difficulty, but this is a discussion you need to have with your lawyer.  If you decided not to hire a lawyer, I suggest you do so immediately.

Dr. Levy Settlements and Bankruptcy:  You Have Not Filed Bankruptcy…Yet

If you are considering bankruptcy or working towards filing for Bankruptcy, make sure you discuss this situation with your attorney.  If you’re considering using a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer or doing this on your own without a lawyer…Reconsider.  A petition preparer cannot legally give you the advice necessary to properly list and exempt a claim such as this. This is a complicated issue and there may be a lot of money at stake. Get some help from an experienced bankruptcy attorney.