There are a lot more than ten things that your Towson Debt Lawyer wants you to know and do, but this is a top ten list, so I’ve tried to prioritize the list to some degree.

1 – Tell your Towson Debt Lawyer everything…

We are here to give legal advice.  That advice is only as good as the information we have.  When we don’t have all of the information we can’t give you good advice.  You’re paying us for this advice, so when you hold things back, you’re only cheating yourself.

We get it though, sometimes you forget things.  That happens.  I generally tell my clients to write things down as they come up, so if they can’t talk to my staff or myself right away, then at least they have a way of making sure it doesn’t get forgotten again.

2 – Not Every Case Needs a Towson Debt Lawyer…

We’re attorneys.  We’re very nice attorneys.  We often aren’t paid nearly what we’re worth for our services, and you know what, I’m ok with that.  I aim to be an affordable Towson Debt Lawyer.  Part of that is knowing when we don’t add any value to a situation.  Smaller debts usually don’t require my direct involvement and if they did require it, the cost of involving an attorney is usually more than the debt is worth.

Case Study

For Example:  I recently met with a very nice couple dealing with a dispute about replacing the carpeting in their prior apartment.  The amount in question was less than $1,200.  This is a lot of money to these nice people.  (It’s a lot of money to me too!!!)  Chances are, they really do owe the money.  They signed the lease, they acknowledge the damage, their only concern was that the cost seemed a bit high for one small area of carpet.  At best, I explained, I could maybe get the judgment reduced by a few hundred dollars, but how much would that cost them?  It would likely involve either an evidentiary hearing (hours of prep and at least 4 hours of “Court” time) or unknown amounts of time trying to convince the plaintiff to reduce the claim.  In other words, they’d wind up spending more on a Towson Debt Lawyer than they saved from the total bill.  It just didn’t make sense.

It’s not all about money

So, what could I do?  I showed them what to do to get the best resolution that they could on their own.  Then, I coached them about settlement negotiations.  Next, I coached them about making feasible offers.  Finally, I coached them about accepting payment plans they knew they could not afford.

In the end, they went home happy.  They had a plan.  They had confidence in their ability to execute it.  And they knew how to protect themselves from being pushed around by the creditor’s attorney.

This Towson Debt Lawyer may not always be needed, but we are always happy to help.

(To Be Continued)