Estate Administration & Probate Assistance

No matter how big or small an estate is and whether or not there is a will, whenever someone dies their property must pass through the probate system. There are some assets, such as jointly held accounts that can easily be transferred to the sole ownership of the surviving heir, but there are other assets that require court authorization to transfer. While the probate process is not extremely difficult to navigate, it can be confusing and is always time-consuming. In addition, some steps have to be completed within days of a personal representative being assigned to the estate. The last thing you need to deal with after losing a loved one is the administrative burden of processing their assets through probate.  Let us help you.

“When my father passed away after I graduated from law school, I was forced to learn quickly how the probate system works. Even though I was a newly minted lawyer I still felt overwhelmed by the number of statutes, rules, and tax regulations involved in distributing his assets and closing his estate. I had to locate and notify all of his creditors, sell his car and home, file tax returns, and distribute his life insurance proceeds. This was a heavy burden on me just after losing my dad. I can help keep this stress off your shoulders while you are grieving. Call me today and I’ll walk you through the process.”

–Kelly Grafton, Attorney at Law