Power of Attorney in Maryland

A Power of Attorney is a document that authorizes another person to handle your financial and legal affairs. They can contact your bank or creditors, pay your bills, and sign legal documents on your behalf. A Power of Attorney is a great tool to have if you are going to be unavailable for any length of time or in case you become incapacitated (in which case, a Durable Power of Attorney is the tool you will need). There are also Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care that establish a person who will make health care decisions for you if you are unable. Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care are important for everyone and work well in conjunction with an Advanced Directive or Living Will.

Like most services at The Grafton Firm, we charge a simple flat fee for all Powers of Attorney. That way you are never surprised by the bill. A Power of Attorney can easily be drafted at the same time as your will or trust documents.

Although it is wise for everyone to have a Power of Attorney, a General or Durable Power of Attorney is especially important for the following people:

  • Members of the armed services deployed overseas or for long periods of time
  • Family members who travel frequently for work or pleasure
  • Spouses who own property separately but want to allow the other to assist in managing the property (e.g., only one spouse is listed on a mortgage, but both spouses would like to be able to work with the mortgage company)
  • Anyone with a disability that affects their mental capacity