Attorney Drafted Wills in Maryland

Our services are offered on a flat fee basis. 

You’ll know before we start exactly how much it will cost to draft your will.

We take into consideration the complexity of your plans, the types of assets you own, and how you wish to divide your estate among your family. Our goal is to make wills and other estate planning documents accessible and affordable to all.

Basic Will for Individuals or Couples

This will is for those people who have few assets, no “real property” such as a home or real estate, and no minor children. This document will allow you to decide who should inherit your money and assets when you pass away. It will also allow you to help your family make your final arrangements. If you have any preference as to where you want to be buried, or if you want to be cremated, this document will help you make your wishes known and ease the burden on your family when you pass away.

Standard Will for Individuals or Couples

This will is for people with some assets, such as savings, investments, and a home. Like a basic will, this document will allow you to direct the distribution of your assets and help your family manage your final arrangements. This will also allow you to decide the inheritance of assets such as your home that would otherwise have to be managed by the court or an estate administrator.

Complex Wills and Trusts

If you have a lot of property, large life insurance policies, or have minor children, you may need to consider a trust to work in conjunction with your will. A trust not only protects your assets from additional taxes but can also allow you to set aside money to care for your children (or your pets!) for years after you pass away. A trust also allows you to place conditions on the use of money and property you leave to your family and friends.