Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Maryland

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Maryland2020-12-28T08:23:06-05:00

Baltimore Business Bankruptcy Attorneys

Towson Chapter 11 Bankruptcy AttorneyWhen most people think of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, they think of the big business cases like Kodak, General Motors, Sears, etc.  These are the cases that grab the headlines, but many individuals can also take advantage of Chapter 11 bankruptcy as well.  In fact, for some individuals, it is the only option available.

Someone with a good income, and more debt than the limits that Chapter 13 allow, would have no other Bankruptcy option than submit a Chapter 11 Plan. Chapter 11 Plans are also helpful for small business owners facing financial distress.

The Grafton Firm is one of only a few firms in the State of Maryland actively working with clients to file and complete Chapter 11 Bankruptcies.

If you’ve been turned away by other firms, and think you need to file Chapter 11 in Maryland, give us a call.  We can help guide you through the complex process where others have turned away from the challenge.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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