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When it comes to preventing wage garnishment, you should be aware that Maryland state law only provides you with limited options and privileges. Once a garnishment order has been placed, it will be your problem. The biggest mistake that most individuals make is that they do not consult with experienced Towson bankruptcy lawyers before the burden arrives. You do not have to wait for a creditor to begin garnishing your wages, which would result in you not having enough money to sustain your standard of living.

The Grafton Firm is a reputable bankruptcy law firm in Maryland that you can count on. Financial difficulties are quite normal in today’s world. In these circumstances, getting legal help from an expert is the best thing you can do to avoid more problems down the line. If you’re reading this and want to stop garnishment of wages, you may ask a question or request a free consultation with us today!

Why Do I Need a Wage Garnishment Lawyer in Maryland?

When it comes to safeguarding your rights and options once wage garnishment has commenced, you must also examine the qualifications of your wage garnishment lawyers. The process of avoiding wage garnishment is naturally complicated. For this reason, it is essential to evaluate the following characteristics of a bankruptcy lawyer:

  • Experienced. While there are many bankruptcy lawyers in Maryland, there are also new firms that have recently opened their doors. As previously said, stopping wage garnishments is a complex process. When you’re in financial hardship, you don’t want to hire the services of an inexperienced lawyer who is just getting started. Hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney is beneficial.
  • Negotiable. This is one of the most important characteristics when selecting the best lawyer. Being open to negotiating is a fantastic trait for a bankruptcy lawyer since he or she must be able to sympathize with the fact that you are now dealing with financial trouble.
  • Reputable. It is helpful to have a solid reputation in the bankruptcy lawyer’s area. A lawyer with a high reputation establishes good ties with district lawyers and judges. You should also bear in mind that a lawyer’s reputation is always founded on their ability to assist their clients. The more they assist their clients, the more chances that their reputation increases.

Our Towson Bankruptcy Attorneys hold the characteristics mentioned above. Our attorneys, William A. Grafton, Esq. and Kelly A. Grafton, Esq., have a solid reputation and are regarded as top attorneys in Maryland. They are well-versed in the intricate procedure of stopping wage garnishments due to their significant expertise in resolving bankruptcy cases for years. 

What is Wage Garnishment?

wage garnishment lawyers maryland

Employees are subject to wage garnishment, which means that you must withdraw pay as instructed by the order until the judgment is paid or the court instructs the employer to stop withholding. It is the procedure of taking up to 25% of your pay involuntarily for the goal of debt collection.

Essentially, creditors cannot begin wage garnishment proceedings without a court order. Thus, for example, you have outstanding debts from your medical bills, or credit card debt. In that case, wage garnishment does not apply and creditors are barred from doing so. 

Limitations on Student Loans, Child Support, and Tax Debt

If you owe money to the government or a creditor for student loans, child support, or taxes, your wages may be garnished. In this instance, an exemption is given; no court order is required to begin wage garnishment. The amount that can be garnished differs from that which can be taken for verdict creditors.

  • Unpaid Child Support. Pursuant to the existing laws of Maryland insofar as wage garnishment limitation is concerned, If you are in delinquent on a federal student loan, the United States Department of Education and any other institution may garnish up to 15% of your wages. The law refers to this type of garnishment as “administrative garnishment,” yet you can still keep an amount equal to thirty times the average minimum weekly federal minimum wage. 
  • Tax debt. If you have delinquent federal taxes, the federal government may garnish your salary without a court order. The state and local governments may also be permitted to garnish your wages to collect unpaid local taxes. According to Maryland law, your salary might be garnished if you owe taxes.

How Can I Protect my Wages Against Garnishment?

When you get notice from the court that a wage garnishment has commenced, you can file an exemption claim to raise your objection. To make an objection, you must follow and be familiar with certain procedures. It will always depend on the debt that the creditor is attempting to collect in each circumstance. Filing for bankruptcy is one of your viable options.

Wage Garnishment Constraints on Job Termination

You do not need to be worried about the risk of being fired. Some companies may indeed feel constrained when one of their employees faces wage garnishment. In such situations, you are protected by federal and state law.

Under federal law, your employer cannot abuse its discretion by firing you for having a single salary garnishment. However, the federal law is silent when there are two or more wage garnishments. Some states are more merciful with debtors. Your employer in Maryland cannot fire you for having a single garnishment in a calendar year.

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Wage garnishment from creditors can put pressure on you as well as your employer. As previously stated, if you have two or more wage garnishments, you may face dismissal. At the end of the day, you must address how you mean to stop wage garnishment. The best solution is to file for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy petition and stopping wage garnishment provide you with adequate time to settle your debt. 

When filing for bankruptcy, you will need the services of a reputable lawyer who is both experienced and negotiable. It is not simple to face financial troubles; thus, hiring a lawyer should be taken seriously if you want to overcome your financial problems. 

If you or someone you know demands the services of a Maryland Bankruptcy attorney, The Grafton Firm is your best choice. We also handle Probate Law & Estate; and Civil Litigation, in addition to Bankruptcy. If you have any questions about your case, schedule a free consultation now!

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