What to bring with you to a Free Consultation

The Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyers at The Grafton Firm is happy to meet with you for a FREE 30-minute consultation to review your debt situation and lay out your options. Below is a list of the most important documents we would need to maximize the benefit of your consultation, with a brief explanation of how each is important.

  • The 2 most recent  pay stubs for you AND your spouse (not required if you are living separately).
    • Why do we need this?  In order to determine the best course of action for you, we need to know what forms of debt relief you qualify for.  Many of these qualifications are based on your income and the income of other household members.
  • A list of ALL of the people you owe and approximately how much you owe.
    • Why do we need this?  Again, judging your best course of action without extremely pertinent data, such as who and what you owe is going to be difficult.
  • If you have small children, bring someone who can supervise them while we talk.
    • Why do we need this?  You know how hard it is to concentrate on a conversation with your children running around.  We do too, we have our own children.  We understand it’s hard to manage getting childcare sometimes, but we need your full attention, and it’s nearly impossible to do that unless someone is watching your kids.
  • You need to bring patience and an open mind.
    • Why do we need this?  Bankruptcy and the other options that we offer are a hard pill for many people to swallow.  We know that.  Some solutions are quicker than others, and sometimes getting you into the best solution for your situation requires that we not do anything until the timing is just right.