I’m a Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyer.  That’s how I make my living.  It’s how I feed my family and pay my bills.  In short, I make money because people pay me to help them get out of debt.  Sometimes I make creditors pay me for the bad things they sometimes do collecting debt or harassing my clients.  So, what I’m about to do is a little counterproductive you might think.  This will be the first post in a new series of articles detailing some budgeting ideas, ways to cut back without seeming to cut back, and the things you can do and approaches to life you can take so that you hopefully never have to use my services.  These are observations I’ve made in my experience working with people.  These are things I’ve done in my own life when times were lean.  Some are just clever ideas I’ve found around the web.

So, take them for what they are or leave them be.  Over the next few weeks I’ll publish articles on the following topics (in no particular order):

Creating a Family Budget

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Household Expenses

Saving Money by Reducing Food Waste

Don’t Get Scammed – Tips for Avoiding Financial Predators

Financial Education for Your Children – How Young is Too Young?

Warning Signs that your Debt is a Bigger Problem Than You Admit

Talking to a Loved One About Their Debt Problems

Talking to Loved Ones About Your Debt Problems

I will also be taking requests for topics and expanding this on my own as time goes on.  If you have topical ideas or suggestions, leave a comment or shoot me an email from the contact form on the right.

If you want to discuss your personal financial situation, we will sit down with you or sit on the phone with you for a one on one consultation at no charge.