The prospect of Bankruptcy is terrifying to many, and rightfully so.  Any Baltimore Bankruptcy Lawyer could tell you that no one sets off to file bankruptcy, and it is not exactly the standard of success.  For millions of Americans each year, however, it is the last line of defense between themselves and aggressive creditors challenging their ability to provide for themselves and their family.

Life is full of detours from our well laid plans.  Job loss, illness, or even just a bad decision or two don’t have to jeopardize your financial future.  When life deals a bad hand, you need someone to help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

Bankruptcy is the right answer for more people than seek its protection, but the wrong answer for many who do.  We can’t say if bankruptcy is right for you, or your loved ones but we encourage you to sit down and speak with one of our attorneys so you can make that decision with expert guidance.

In our practice, we have helped thousands of people and we are very proud of our successes.  And while the thousands of bankruptcy cases we’ve been involved in were good decisions for our clients, we also count as a success all those we’ve helped avoid bankruptcy.

Who We Are – Baltimore Bankruptcy Lawyer’s

The Grafton Firm is a group of Baltimore Bankruptcy Lawyers whose mission is to help you conquer your debt.  Sometimes this means that you file for bankruptcy.  Sometimes this means you avoid bankruptcy.  Many Baltimore Bankruptcy lawyers will try to fit you into their practice, instead of fitting their practice to your situation.  We would rather tailor a personal solution.

Dealing with Tax Debt – Baltimore Bankruptcy Lawyer can help

Taxes are one of the most complicated matters to deal with in or out of Bankruptcy.  Before you strike out on your own or hire amateur tax preparers, talk to us.  We can review your past tax transcripts and help you strategize your way to Tax Debt Freedom.

Don’t Live in Baltimore?

That’s ok!  We aren’t just Baltimore Bankruptcy Lawyer.  The Grafton Firm represents clients from all over the State of Maryland.  Our primary office is in Baltimore County.