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Stopping Collection Calls

How to Stop Collection Calls

If you know you have been drowning in debt and are finding a way out of it, you might be at the receiving end of certain calls harassing and threatening you to pay your debt. These calls can become violating and intimidating, with the callers threatening to harm debtors, which is illegal. This is where a Towson bankruptcy attorney comes into play. 

Handling collection calls can be terrifying but there are plenty of do’s and don’ts that you need to follow in order to help ease your anxiety. Knowing how to handle collection calls can prevent costly mistakes that can put you at legal or financial risks. Tips like keeping a record of the debt collector’s words and keeping mum on sensitive information that could implicate you are effective ways of dealing with collection calls.

If you’ve been faced with collection calls, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Get in touch with a seasoned Towson bankruptcy attorney from the Grafton Firm to help you sort matters out. A bankruptcy attorney can assist and fight for you in dealing with collection calls and other matters related to bankruptcy such as chapter 7 and chapter 13. Schedule an appointment with a Towson, MD bankruptcy attorney right now. 

Handling Collection Calls

Debtors’ lives are plagued by collection calls daily. These calls are harassing and threatening in nature, often pressuring the debtor to pay up. Collection calls are classified as illegal and legal action must be taken against it immediately. Learn more about collection calls below and how a Towson, MD bankruptcy attorney can help you. 

Dos of Handling Collection Calls

Should be at the receiving end of a collection call, remember to keep your composure and never lose your cool. If you should decide to continue discussing with the caller, remember to take note of every word they say as this is strong evidence against them. You can also write to the collector telling them to stop contacting you. Under the FDCPA, if you write a request to stop calls, they must do so. 

If you think that you don’t owe the debt, inform the collector immediately. There are cases wherein collectors aren’t aware that debt is uncollectable. Should this be your case, informing them could put a stop to the calls. 

Don’ts of Handling Collection Calls

When faced with collection calls, remember to keep your personal details private. Do not divulge personal information such as bank account and Social Security numbers. Avoid making good faith payments or making minimal voluntary payments and avoid promising and validating the debt. 

Are you dealing with debt and wondering how to stop collection calls? Get in touch with a Towson, MD bankruptcy attorney who can help you through the process to get your life’s peace back. 

How do I Stop Collection Calls?

how to stop collection callsWhile it is normal to feel fear and intimidation when receiving harassing calls, know that you are protected by law. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have rights against collection calls along with your family, guardians, executors, or administrators. Learn the ins and outs of stopping collection calls below. 

How Do Creditors Get In Touch With You 

Communications between debtor and creditor are carefully regulated under federal law. Collectors can only contact at a given time, which the law defines as after 8 a.m. and before 9 p.m. in your time zone. The only time they can contact you during odd hours is when a judge approves or if they have your permission. They can also only contact employers if the employer permits them to. If you continue to experience harassment, get in touch with your attorney. 

What Isn’t Allowed by the FDCPA?

The FDCPA prohibits debt collection agencies from harassing, abusing, and deceiving debtors through their calls. Collectors are prohibited from engaging in harassing behavior through profanity and threats; using false statements by way of lying about a debt or claiming to be from a certain credit company or collection agency; and threatening the debtors. 

Unfair collection practices include adding interest rates or fees  not stated or allowed in the debts’ original agreement. If you have been on the receiving end of these, get in touch with your attorney for legal assistance immediately. 

Can I Get Rid of Debt if the Collector Violates the FDCPA?

While the FDCPA exists to ensure that debt collection practices are regulated, it cannot eliminate your debt on the premise of a debt collector violating the FDCPA. Debt incurred results in an obligation to pay it off unless it is time-barred or invalid. There are steps you can take, however to make sure that the debt collector faces the consequences of their actions. 

What Should I Do To Stop Collection Calls from A Debt Collector? 

There are legal steps you can take if you have been at the receiving end of calls from debt collectors. Among them include: 

Filing Lawsuits

A debt collector who violates the FDCPA can be sued in state or federal court or even a small claims court. Legal action must be taken within a year from the date of the violation. Winning the suit can require the judge to compensate for damages you suffered through their harassment and the judge can order the debt collector to stop engaging in collection activities. 

Using Violation as Leverage for Debt Settlement

Debt collectors do not like to engage in lawsuits since they are expensive to defend and they are always on the losing end. You can negotiate with the debt collector to eliminate the debt. 

Report Violations

Report the violations done by debt collectors in the state Attorney General’s office and file a complain with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which will forward the complain to the collector and help you resolve the complaint. 

Get in Touch with a Towson, MD Bankruptcy Attorney

Have you been at the receiving end of abusive collection calls at odd hours of the day, harassing and threatening you to pay up? These calls may seem intimidating and frightening but if you understand your rights, there is nothing to be afraid of. To have a better grasp of the situation, enlist the help of a Towson, MD bankruptcy attorney from the Grafton Firm. 

A Maryland attorney can help inform you of your rights and fight for you in order to protect you from threatening calls. Schedule an appointment with a Towson, MD bankruptcy attorney from the Grafton Firm now. 

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