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Preparing a will as early as possible is always a good idea because it helps secure your family’s future. You must speak with an experienced invalid will attorney to help craft the proper, lawful, and accurate will you intend to create.

In Maryland, The Grafton Firm is the one you should hire to avoid conflicts seamlessly. We apply empathy to understand your situation deeply. We acknowledge that you, as an individual, will have many questions underlying your properties, and our legal team is dedicated to answering everything to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Get a free consultation now!

What is an Invalid Will?

Creating a will and testament is crucial in ensuring your final wishes are respected and your assets are distributed as you intend. However, not all wills are legally valid, and specific common errors can invalidate them. Understanding these factors is vital to protecting your legacy and upholding your wishes after passing.

Causes of Invalid Will

  • Formalities and Technicalities: Many wills are invalidated due to technical errors in their execution. State laws often require specific formalities, such as the presence of witnesses or notarization. Adherence to these formalities can render the will invalid.
  • Lack of Testamentary Capacity: To create a valid will, the testator (will creator) must be of sound mind and understand the implications of their actions. When creating the will, its validity may be challenged if a person is mentally incapacitated or suffering from a cognitive disorder.
  • Undue Influence or Coercion: If an individual is coerced or unduly influenced by another person to draft a will that benefits the influencer, the will’s validity can be contested.
  • Ambiguities and Contradictions: A will must be unambiguous in its language to avoid misinterpretation. Ambiguities or contradictory clauses can lead to confusion and disputes.

Legal Consequences of Invalid Wills

If a will is deemed invalid, it can have significant legal consequences for the distribution of the deceased person’s estate. Here are some potential legal consequences of invalid wills in Maryland:

  • Intestacy Proceedings: The estate may be subjected to intestacy laws when a will is declared invalid. This means the state will distribute assets according to predefined rules, which might not align with the testator’s wishes.
  • Family Disputes: Invalid will often result in family conflicts and disputes over asset distribution. Beneficiaries may challenge the will’s validity or argue over their entitlements.
  • Legal Costs and Delays: Resolving issues stemming from an invalid will can be time-consuming and expensive. Legal fees can accumulate if beneficiaries contest the will’s validity in court.

It’s advisable to seek guidance from an experienced invalid-will attorney when creating your will to ensure that your will adheres to all legal requirements, reducing the risk of future challenges.

Validating and Rectifying Invalid Wills

Learn how seeking professional assistance can help you navigate this intricate journey and ensure your final wishes are upheld:

  1. Initial Consultation: Engaging an experienced invalid-will attorney is crucial. During the initial consultation, you’ll discuss the circumstances surrounding the will and the reasons for its potential invalidity.
  2. Gathering Evidence: The invalid will attorney will work with you to gather evidence that supports the invalidity claims. This may involve examining medical records, witness statements, and the testator’s mental state at the time of will creation.
  3. Legal Assessment: Based on the evidence, the invalid will attorney will assess the strength of the case. They’ll determine whether the will can be rectified legally or if a new choice needs to be created.
  4. Negotiation and Mediation: In some cases, negotiation or mediation between beneficiaries can lead to amicable solutions. This can help avoid lengthy and costly court battles.
  5. Court Proceedings (if Necessary): Legal proceedings may be initiated if disputes cannot be resolved outside of court. The invalid will attorney will present evidence and arguments to validate the invalidity claims.
  6. Seeking Wise Opinions: The invalid will attorney may collaborate with forensic experts, medical professionals, or handwriting analysts to provide objective opinions on the will’s validity.
  7. Modification or Creation of a New Will: Depending on the case, the invalid will attorney may help modify the existing will to address the issues or create an entirely new will that aligns with the testator’s true intentions.
  8. Court Approval: If a new will is created, it needs to be approved by the court to ensure its validity. The court will assess whether the testator had the necessary mental capacity and wasn’t under undue influence when making the changes.
  9. Distribution of Assets: Once the will is validated or rectified, the assets can be distributed according to the updated provisions.

The process of validating and rectifying invalid wills is intricate and requires a thorough understanding of legal procedures and evidence. Call our experienced estate planning attorney today.

Why Do I Need An Invalid Will Attorney In Towson, Maryland?

Choosing us will leave you without any regrets. Our legal team possesses the following exceptional qualities:

  • Proven Competence: Kelly Grafton’s extensive experience representing corporate and personal clients in Federal and Maryland State courts sets the foundation for expert legal guidance. With a track record of overturning verdicts against clients and successfully defending them in appellate courts, Kelly’s experience shines in handling invalid will issues.
  • Strong Dedication: Kelly Grafton’s professional management and consulting background provides legal guidance backed by practical insights. She is dedicated to understanding your unique circumstances and providing tailored solutions.
  • Local: Kelly and William Grafton have strong ties to Maryland, with Kelly being born and raised here and William practicing law in the state for almost two decades. Their commitment to the local community and families in Baltimore County showcases their dedication to helping everyday people through legal challenges.

Whether it’s validating an invalid will or addressing other legal concerns, Kelly and William Grafton offer the knowledge and compassion needed to guide you through complex legal processes. Get a free consultation today!

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