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Will & Trust Disputes

Will and Trust Disputes Attorney in Towson, MD

To prudently plan for your estate, you must carefully review your assets, determine your objectives, and ensure the accurate drafting of pertinent documents, such as, but not limited to, wills and trusts. These are the legal processes that every client finds difficult to deal with. While this is the situation, you should not lose hope. Getting in touch with an experienced Towson wills and trust disputes attorney will help you.

The Grafton Firm has been in law practice for over ten years. Our services are provided for a fixed fee. We delve deeper into the complexities of your estate plans, your assets, and how you intend to distribute them to your family members. We are deeply committed to bringing the rule of law into the complex process of estate planning, which will be affordable to all. If you need assistance, request a free legal consultation today!

Why do I need a Will and Trust Disputes Attorney in Maryland?

The Will and Trust Disputes Attorney is necessary when disputes emanate when the distribution takes place. Normally, trust is crafted in a matter where instructions are accurately enumerated. Notwithstanding this, a well-constructed trust can still have legal issues arise. In this case, you don’t just choose any trust and will dispute attorney, you should consider the following good qualities:

  • Flat Rate – Many Maryland residents are hesitant to seek legal counsel due to the expensive rate of law firms. When hiring an attorney, go for someone who does not cause a burden on your finances—choose legal representation that offers a flat rate.
  • Experienced Litigator – Your trust and will dispute attorney should have extensive experience in representing clients in litigation. When choosing a trust lawyer, the experience should always be taken into account. This enables them to provide excellent legal help and ensure that your case is in skilled hands.
  • Reputable – Always hire a reputable trust and wills dispute attorney. A credible lawyer directory should consider it to be among the best. This increases your chances of receiving long-term-care and a high level of quality assurance.

The Grafton Firm deeply understands your situation and is always putting itself in your shoes. It is one of our rudimentary principles that legal services should be made available to all. William A. Grafton, Esq. and Kelly A. Grafton, Esq. are both experienced litigators for more than a decade and are considered top attorneys by Avvo Rating.

If you are currently dealing with complicated legal matters, our trust and will dispute attorneys in Maryland can help you throughout the entire legal process. Set a free consultation today!

What are Estates and Trusts?

Trusts and estates are the two main legal structures for transferring assets to your heirs and beneficiaries. Estate and trust lawyers can help clients plan for the effective and efficient transfer of assets to other family members, such as spouses, other people, such as clients, or even charities.

The practice area involves the preparation of wills, trust agreements, powers of attorney, health care directives, and business structures, like limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations, and others.

Wealth Planning

When your attorney commences the planning procedure, they take into account your objectives, your charitable inclinations, family relationships, as well as the relationship between state and federal estate tax and gift tax. Attorneys will collaboratively work with you, and in rare cases, with other advisers, to construct a suitable plan that attains your objectives and goals.

Estate Administration

Estate and trust lawyers are also in charge of estate administration. Lawyers impart with members of the deceased’s family on a range of issues, including:
Assisting the executor in preparing the required legal documents, such as probate, and assisting in estate asset valuation.

Making insurance claims

Preparation of the estate’s federal, income, and state estate tax returns, as well as final income tax returns.

  • Observing the investment of the asset of the estate
  • Arrange the distribution of net assets of the estate
  • Proper distribution and the timing of claiming the appropriate deductions.

Trust Administration

In trust administration, lawyers give prudent advice and provide consultations with individual and corporate trustees regarding the discharge of the terms of the trust. They also consult with the beneficiaries on matters of trust administration, such as the preparation of accounts.

Estate and trust lawyers also assist people in every phase of trust litigation and probate litigation. This may constitute understanding or changing the terms of a trust or a will, defending or prosecuting a will, or surcharging actions against the trustees.

What are the Common Reasons for Trust and Will Litigation?

There are many different reasons that you may start trust and will litigation. The following are common reasons why:

Fraudulent in the execution of estate plans

Even in trust and will, you may encounter fraudulent practices. It can include statements that hide the real nature of the document. In other circumstances, the fraudulent act may emanate from a wrong statement of accounts or assets.

  • Trust or will be executed due to undue influence or duress – It is not uncommon for a caretaker or a child to bring an elderly family member to law offices for guidance on estate planning, meeting, and to pay for the estate planning services fees. This kind of approach is often complicated because it may result in challenging questions about who are the beneficiaries while at the same time opening the possibility for a challenge because of undue influence or duress.
  • The plan was executed when the lack of mental capacity was persistent – It is a basic legal principle of estate law that a person should have sufficient mental capacity when making significant life choices, and decisions, such as but not limited to, making a trust or will or making amendments to those legal documents. In general, the individual must be aware of the asset he owns, the trust or will objective he wishes to achieve, and the relationship he has with the beneficiaries.
  • A person was dissatisfied or disinherited with shares – One of the most common reasons for litigation is when a family member or a friend is unhappy with the treatment he or she gets from the estate plan. These types of challenges are made less severe through no-contest clauses. It is worth noting, however, that this approach is only sufficient prospectively and not retroactively.

Call our Will and Trust Disputes Attorney in Towson, Maryland Now!

It makes no difference whether the estate is small or large. When someone dies, their property must go through the probate system. There are a lot of reasons why litigation may happen when you deal with wills and trusts. These types of disputes cannot always be resolved through peaceful negotiations. Sometimes, estate litigation is the only solution available. When this happens, contacting a skilled Towson will and trust dispute attorney is a must.

In Maryland, The Grafton Firm is the one you should look for. We offer a flat rate but excellent legal services. Our dedication is rooted in our desire to make legal assistance available and affordable to everyone. With more than 10 years of litigation experience, our legal team has gained a solid reputation within the state. Other than wills & trusts, we also handle cases on bankruptcy and civil cases. If you need help, schedule a free case evaluation now!

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